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Established in 2019, Elcielo Builders and Developers Private Limited, stands as a distinguished real estate enterprise rooted in Bangalore. Over the years, Elcielo Builders and Developers has become a prominent player in the residential market, dedicated to building aspirations and delivering substantial value. As one of the top property developers in Bangalore, Elcielo Builders and Developers has undertaken projects worth 26 crores, solidifying its position as a key contributor to the city's real estate landscape.

Nestled in Kampipura, our latest triumph unfolds on a 4-acre canvas – Virtue West Paradise. Strategically positioned just 3 minutes away from MYSORE ROAD HIGHWAY, 5 minutes from NICE ROAD, and in close proximity to KENGERI, this layout project promises unparalleled connectivity.

Devoted to excellence, we spare no effort in employing top-notch materials and processes in all our layout development endeavors. Virtue West Paradise is not just a project; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting extraordinary living spaces.

This inaugural venture symbolizes our dedication to quality and sets the standard for future endeavors. Virtue West Paradise, situated amidst the scenic beauty of Kampipura, represents a harmonious blend of strategic location, quality craftsmanship, and a vision to create exceptional living environments.

Now recognized as a leading real estate company in Bangalore, Elcielo strategically chooses burgeoning localities for property development, emphasizing connectivity, thriving social and commercial infrastructure, and proximity to modern lifestyle conveniences. Elcielo's notable properties in Bangalore include projects in Nagarbhavi and Majestic.

Elcielo Builders and Developers prides itself on promising an all-encompassing life within its properties. Beyond the commitment to superior living spaces characterized by quality and architectural excellence, each Elcielo property offers a distinctive set of modern amenities and facilities promoting community living. With features like a Children's Play area, fully equipped gym, games room, outdoor sports courts, and open terrace spaces, Elcielo sets itself apart as the premier builder in Bangalore, providing a complete living experience.

The success of Elcielo Builders and Developers can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to delivering projects on time. Maintaining an impeccable track record of timely project deliveries has positioned Elcielo Builders and Developers as the top real estate developer in Bangalore. Despite the challenges posed by the current scenario, Elcielo Builders and Developers continues to prioritize on-time deliveries, fostering trust and establishing itself as a reliable residential partner. Whether you're in search of your dream home or a strategic investment, Elcielo's projects in Bangalore stand ready to help you find your perfect match.

Director Profile

Khathim Kunnummal

Meet Khathim Kunnummal, the dynamic Managing Director of èlcielò Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd. With an unwavering passion for delivering excellence, Khathim ensures that every aspect, from the foundation of bricks to the creation of happiness, is of the highest quality. His unique blend of quality and a professional approach results in the provision of top-notch services for customers.

As an entrepreneur, he actively contributes to the growth of companies and fosters mutually beneficial partnerships. Drawing from 20 years of expertise in Information Governance, Khathim launched his consultancy, transforming it into an internationally recognized center of excellence.

In his capacity as the Founder and Managing Director èlcielò Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd, Khathim specializes in assisting mid-market growth firms. His focus is on helping them navigate challenges, stay on course with their plans, and accelerate their overall growth trajectory. A former Chairman, Influencer, and Keynote Speaker on government projects, Khathim currently oversees four diverse brands spanning industries such as Logistics, Hospitality, Consulting, and Construction.

Khathim Kunnummal's multifaceted leadership approach and commitment to excellence make him a driving force in the realms of business and entrepreneurship. With a track record of success and a vision for the future, he continues to shape the landscape of industries and contribute to their sustained growth.

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